Coffee House

The Coffee House:
The Coffee House is an outreach ministry focusing on spreading the Gospel
of Jesus Christ. It was established over thirty eight years ago and is still going
strong. It is by Gods’ Grace that this ministry continues to be successful. The
people involved are doing the will of the Father and planting seeds in the hearts
of many. Through the Coffee House Ministry, numerous individuals have come to
know the saving Grace of Jesus Christ.

The Coffee House runs on a Saturday evening from 7:00-9:30 pm. Half way
through the evening there is a break of approximately fifteen minutes for
refreshments and fellowship. Each night there is a different Christian group
ministering through songs and testimonies of what the Lord has done in their
lives. Also those in attendance are encouraged to share their testimonies if they feel
led to do so.

Check upcoming events for a list of who is playing and when each month.

We believe that this is the Lords Will and we welcome others to participate. If you feel such a calling and would like an opportunity to share please contact. Suneal Pal at 1(289)-356-1650.

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